Where to Repair Samsung phone Singapore Breakfixnow, replace original Samsung parts. Express samsung Screen Repair service, fix port & battery replacement. Where to fix samsung phone in Singapore

Where to repair your Samsung galaxy mobile phone in Singapore?

There are various places to repair your Samsung phone in Singapore on top of the local service centre at plaza singapura and westgate. These places reduce the need for long waiting time, complete data loss and pricey repairs. Let me recommend you the best places to get your Samsung galaxy mobile phone screen fixed within 1hr. We are able to fix Samsung note series and Samsung galaxy s series phones. Get your S10 Plus, S10, S9 Plus, S9 cracked screen fixed here.

We also have Samsung Qualified Technicians to work on your motherboard if it cannot charge or is water damaged. Samsung water damage is common as people think its waterproof when actually its only water resistant ip68 Rated. You will need to quickly bring to us to wash the board to remove moisture to prevent rusting. Highly likely data is able to be retrieved if this is done within the first 3 days. Note 9 and note 8 board damage can be fixed at a much affordable rate than at the service centre as we do not need to replace the entire board or sub board.

BreakFixNow Phone Repair
They were the first to specialise in eMMC failure repairs and are able to fix it within 40mins of taking in your phone for diagnostics. They operate a 6 man tech team to diagnose and pinpoint the problem for your Samsung phone. They advise that older model of phones do not upgrade the later version of firmware to avoid motherboard chipset overloading. New firmware offer more advanced applications which may cause the already slow and laggy phones to overload and die.

At their convenient location at Bugis, you will be able to fix your phone over a cup of coffee as it is surrounded by various shopping centres such as Bugis Street, Bugis Junction & Bugis+.

Other places to repair your Samsung galaxy mobile device in Singapore

PhoneBuzz Mobile Repair
They do motherboard replacements and they provide a 1 Month warranty for their devices. Prices are relatively affordable here and many people have given them very good reviews for their low prices with good service.

Time taken for repair
Note 5 motherboard will take 40mins to complete a replacement

Warranty Provided
1 Months

PhoneDoctor+ Mobile Repair
They provide on-site servicing of your Samsung mobile device at the comfort of your home. If the repair is too complicated they will take it down to their work shop and return it to you within the day. Price here are also relatively affordable as compared to the local service centre and it is also a pleasant wait here at the BedokMall outlet.

Time taken for repair
40mins to complete